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Cremation Service for the Buffalo, NY area

When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends often are confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral — all of which must be made quickly and often under great emotional duress. What kind of funeral should it be? What funeral provider should you use? Should you bury or cremate the body? What other arrangements should you plan? And, practically, how much is it all going to cost? Pickens TL Mortuary Services offers a convenient package to help you avoid emotional overspending.

There are plenty of funeral homes in the Buffalo, NY area, so why choose us?

At Pickens TL Mortuary Service, we provide you and your loved ones with sensitive and caring assistance during this difficult time. We create meaningful funeral services and celebrations that honor your loved ones and our staff is always committed to keeping your best interest in mind.

After a loved ones passes, there are a lot of papers to sign, financial things to take care of, and other factors to worry about.  You don’t need any more stress. That is why our services are kept affordable, making this time easier for you. We understand that losing your loved one hurts. Our funeral home will help you on your grieving journey. Contact our funeral home today for more information on our funeral services.

Traditional Funeral Service Options

  • Preparation
  • Cosmetology
  • Dressing & Casketing
  • Basic Arrangements
  • Acknowledgement cards
  • Register Book
  • Facility for visitation and funeral service
  • One day viewing (20 metal gauge casket)
  • Supervision for funeral
  • Removal
  • Hearse
  • Limousine
  • Grave liner (optional…depending on cemetery)

Direct Funeral Cremation Services Including Crematory Costs

At Pickens TL Mortuary Services, we understand that everyone has different desires, especially when it comes to funeral services and the way in which they will be remembered by family and friends. That is why we offer cremation services at an affordable price to help family members celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Funeral cremation is an alternative service to traditional funeral services of being placed into a coffin. During this type of funeral service, the human body is incarceration and the ashes are collected so the family can retain it and place it in a cremation urn. Some choose to disperse the ashes in various ways, or scatter them in the loved one's favorite spot. Cremation services are not an alternative to a funeral, but rather an alternative to burial traditions.

To learn more about the cremation service or other funeral services in the Buffalo, NY area, call us today.

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